Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Fairy Tale

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, LOVE gives you a fairy tale. Harlow Grace Brewster was delivered to us on September 15, 2009. This was a great day. She was in perfect health. She weighed 8lbs and 2oz, she was 19in long and made her debut at 5:23pm. The delivery was a piece of cake, praise the Lord. I was induced early that Tuesday morning and started pushing that afternoon around 4:oopm. Poof an hour or so later there was our perfect little angel! She had dark hair, thicker in the back, beautiful long lean legs, and gorgeous lips. I could go on and on about how fantastic she was/ is! I can't get over the fact that Devin and I have a baby! I am so blessed and couldn't be more thrilled to start this journey!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally a chance to update

We have been so busy lately that I haven't even thought of updateing my blog. So after what seems like forever I will try to do a quick catch up.
I am now 18 weeks along and loving every minute of being pregnant. I haven't been sick at all, praise the Lord. I think the baby is sitting on my funny bone because I have laughed more in the last weeks than I think I ever have. God is good, so good! We find out in a week or so if it's a boy or a girl, yay! We had an appt on Monday and we took a look at the baby to see if we could see what it was before the actual Mayberry appt. But my sweet little one was very active and the cord was in the way the whole time. Although, we did get a waive from her/him. My favorite part was Devin saying "Wow, it's a real baby! I can actually see it this time!" With a ton of excitement. Last time he couldn't make it out very well. It looked like a teddy bear the first time and now it's a baby. Woo Hoo! (you can tell we are first time parents... we are those kids!)
We put our house up for sale awhile back with the hopes to sell it and move to some acreage where we weren't as close to other houses (even though we had 8 acreas over the past year 10 or so houses have popped up on the street so close to each other... we didn't want the neighborhood feel, we wanted a lil' more openness.) Anyways, we have done a lease to own with some wonderful people. We have now moved. Last summer we spent almost the entire summer at our place in Horseshoe Bay on the water, so we figured we will probably do the same thing this summer. We LOVE it there!!! We still are in Abilene alot, especially with my Dr being there. So, who knows what we will decide to do. As of now, we are back and forth. We may build again if we find the right acreage or just the perfect place on the ranch. Who knows. I just know that Devin and I love, love, love Horseshoe Bay. We love our friends here, we love our perspective that God gives us while we're here, and this is where we were married and it seems like everytime we're here we fall in love all over again. Maybe that's why our pregnancy has been so blessed. Again, God is good!
On the other hand, I am still designing. I have a job outside of Austin that I am about to partake in. I also have two in the Llano area that will start later this summer. I don't think any of these are big remodels just a lil' updateing.
So, that is my quick update, or longer version of quick! ha! We are all doing good. Lexi is happy to be back at the lake, it's her favorite place. And Devin is wonderful as always. Every day I find myself thanking God for such an amazing man. He is the better half. I hope this finds you and your families all doing well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Woo Hoo!!! Our Family is Growing!!!

Devin's new shirt! (up top) My new shirt! (below)
Well, it has been awhile since I have sat down to actually send out an update on the Brewster's, but we are doing well. We have recently found out that we will be adding to our family with a lil' surprise around the month of September. We are soooo excited. This wasn't planned, but I don't think it could have happened at any better time. You know God, he's in total control. I love it!!! Devin and I have just sat for hours visiting and laughing about all the good times we've had and the plethora of many, many more to come. Again, we are so excited. I go for my first doctors appointment in a week and a half, but right now I am an estimated 8 and a half weeks along! Yikes! Devin has said since day one when we found out that he swears he has a feeling its twins.... then his mother tells us that we would be next in line on her side to have twins. Oh my goodness, I would love that. I will be complete with anything. We had a lil' surprise dinner for my family to tell them the exciting news, my Mema, dad, my brother Ira and his wife Kristina, my mom, my sister Catherine and her two lil' ones.So for the dinner my sister was making a cheese-cake, I had already told her the news. So while she was making dessert, Hayden wanted to know what she was doing. She told him that it was for the party for his new baby cousin. And he said well momma, in his serious voice, I want to give the baby a present. So he went and dug through his toy box until he found the perfect gift. It was his when he was a baby, the Alligator that makes all kinds of lil' noises. Then he wanted to wrap it, well Haddie Grace sees this and doesn't want to be left out. So she tells Cat that she wants to give the baby a gift too. So Catherine tells her to go find a toy and they can wrap it also. Lil' Haddie goes and gets her favorite bath toy and starts to wrap it. They just make my heart smile. When they got to the house for dinner they didn't understand why they couldn't wake up the baby in my tummy to give him the presents. Please momma, Hayden said. (Soooo Cute!!!)Haddie Grace.... Good practice!!!
The yummy dessert my sweet sister made. MMMMM it was great!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tutus... so tutulicious!

I have been making a ton of Tutus lately. I have them in a store here in Abilene, but I mostly do custom orders and orders via my website. I thought I would show off some pictures.

This is my mini display... which actually fits a baby.The bright yellow flower just makes you smile! I wish I had a picture to show how cute it looks on a lil' princess. (I'll upload those next time!)
I love this one, I think it will be cute for Valentines Day. The Butterfly can be removed and even worn on a head band or bow. This one also has rhinestone, soooo cute!
This is the display they have set up in the shop. You don't realize just how poofy they are until your trying to show off so many!
I'm having a blast doing this. I can't wait to show off my new website! It's Amazing, but I still have a couple days of work to do on it, but soon, very soon!!!
(Catherine, you need to either come pick out a tutu for Haddie when your in town next or call or email me the colors you would like for her.... I got some great new ribbon in! Love you!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Meg-O is finally having her baby!!!

I just wanted to ask for prayers this weekend for my dear, dear friend Megan (Brad and Megan Stephenson). She is finally at the hospital as of today and her lil' one should arrive sometime tomorrow. I can't wait! I know she'll be excited to finally be off of bed rest... its been over eight weeks now and to meet her lil' man face to face. I will be on my way early in the am to be there. Again, I'm soooo excited!!! Please remember them in your prayers!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Mornings

This is why it is so hard to get out of bed in the morning:

Just look at that face:

Enough Said!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trying to get back into routine

It was a whirlwind holiday! We desperately need to catch up on sleep, cleaning, and getting back into some routine! That's the goal for tomorrow... clean. Take down the Christmas Decor, which is everywhere. This is also one of my favorite things to do because it calls for redecorating... oh Devin love it too (said in a very sarcastic voice!) I move everything around, at least once. It makes me smile, plus it makes our house and everything in it new or different. Anywoo, we are loving the cold weather and totally enjoying the fire. Devin made chili tonight and mmmmmm it was good. We've watched several movies and enjoyed some popcorn and now of course, full belly and all, I am going to bed.